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Tempus delivers the ultimate performance in market forecasting and related forecasting fields like weather, financial parameters and information systems monitoring.


Impossible Markets

The Impossible Markets 2019 focuses on successful Bulgarians who have built their professional career in multicultural environment, in one hand, and the foreigners who have achieved their professional success working in Bulgaria.


Bolt Labs

BOLT enables payment channels that hold funds in escrow until one or more parties is ready to cash out. Payments within these channels are off-chain and unlimited, and users remain anonymous.


Venture Capital University

Venture Capital University provides practical training on venture finance for entrepreneurs, investors, attorneys and anyone else interested in emerging company finance. Participants can access Venture Capital University through our online certificate program or one of quarterly weekend programs held in emerging venture ecosystems across the United States!


Crystal Centre

CRYSTAL centre will bridge the gap between the folklore and market concerns, and rigorous computational thinking. It will provide scientific clarity to technical ideas in regard to blockchains and cryptocurrencies, make debates in the community more scientifically-grounded, and will draw attention to unforeseen scientific challenges and engage with the community.


Blockchain-focused PR, marketing, and community management agency, with a track record of running successful blockchain projects from start to end. We know the niche blockchain communities of users, investors, and media you want to reach because we live and breathe crypto. We also have a proven track record outside the world of blockchain.

Future Markets

The focus of this blog will be about the creation of new types of assets and markets associated with them, including derivatives like futures and options to help mitigate risk.


The BLockchain Campus

Academic network of blockchain universities. Connecting universities from around the world with our educational resources and professional advising programs. Connecting the best universities in the space with each other and providing them with the materials to advance further in this cutting edge field of technology.


EON Staking Partners

The new crypto economy where you earn income on your digital assets. The process of securing PoS based blockchain networks and earning rewards is called staking. EON build platforms that help you generate income on your crypto assets with minimal effort.


Moon INC

Moon Inc. is a consulting firm focused exclusively on ventures related to the Internet of Value. Early investors in many blockchain projects such as Ripple, Ethereum, Icon and Matrix. Moon Inc. is the “A-Z solution” for blockchain projects.


Privacy Coin Index

The Privacy Coin Index is a tool used to track the most popular coins in the privacy industry. The index features insights on the privacy market’s performance, information on well-known projects, and resources for general education.


Orounda PSP

Orounda delivers innovative payment methods and technologies that enables billions of people and millions of merchants to buy and sell online. As a recognized online payment service provider, we deploy more than 50 payment methods, run and integrate PCI certified platform to process an average of 120.000 transactions every single day


Etana Custody

Etana custodies fiat and digital assets in segregated accounts within a closed network, providing our clients peace of mind with the knowledge that their assets are held with a trusted and reputable third-party while maintaining the integrity of exchange-customer relationships.


Smarty Funds

SmartyFunds understands how important your personal data is. That’s why the SmartyFunds e-Wallet has been specifically tailored to ensure you have access to the information you need, when you need it, in a secure and easy to use format.


Radioactive Internetional Recruitment

Radioactive International Recruitment (RIR) is a licensed international company specialized in the provision of innovative recruitment services.



San Francisco Blockchain Week is a week of educational, consumer, and developer focused events that aim to push the boundaries of local blockchain innovation which has been welcomed by the San Francisco community. The goal of this week-long, immersive experience is to help the industry reach mainstream adoption through fundamental education and development of projects that matter.


United Oil & Gas Corp.

United Oil & Gas Corp. is a U.S. based oil and gas development and production company with a focus on proven reserves in the continental United States. Our corporate strategy is to lead low risk, near-term cash flowing projects with proven reserves to production. These projects will drive top-line revenue and will allow us to continuously expand our existing oil and gas reserves. United Oil & Gas Corp. will bring projects to production.


Canadian Mineral Resources

Canadian Mineral Resources Inc. is leading mining projects to production. We focus exclusively on high grade, historically producing mines in Southeastern British Columbia, Canada.